Chant Talk: Patrick Torsell interviews Rick Wheeler about Sacred Music, Pure Tone, and the Liturgy

In episode 10 of Chant Talk, I’m joined via video conference by Mr. Rick Wheeler, Director of Music at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Littleton, CO ( to discuss parish music programs, music philosophy, good Scotch, and more! Rick’s online chant and polyphony library is massive, and a hugely useful for choirs, directors, singers, churches, and more. Check it out at…

Tantum Ergo Webbe/Curry

Gaudium Verum, Denver’s premier liturgical choir singing this old Catholic favourite.

You can get a score of this piece here.

Gaudium Verum:

Margaret Walsh S1
Lauren Lestage S1
Ashley Grooms S2/A1

Catherine Williams A1
Lorena Perry A2

Patrick Torsell T1
John Murgel T1
John Murray T2

Tim Thaler B1
Scott Perry B2
Fr. Francis Krautter B2